ONEWORLD - 15 Green Innovation Centers

Innovation means the change of routine. Whether technical or social, innovations are manifold and above all require the exchange of knowledge. This is why Germany has established the Green Innovation Centres in 15 partner countries. In this extra section you will find success stories, work examples and project reports.



A project by GIZ

The global virus pandemic has forced us to find new ways. But tried-and-tested methods are catching on: The radio has proven to be a reliable method of communication in Africa for decades. Mark Leclair from our partner Farm Radio International certainly wouldn't back a different horse...


Smallholders also benefit from high-tech – a current overview of digital instruments by the green innovation centres.


Mechanization doesn't happen overnight. A report about learning experiences of the Green Innovation Centers.

GIZ green innovation centres help smallholders to lead a better life. But how does it work? A case study from Ethiopia.

Green Innovation Centres are a key element of the work of the GIZ to support agricultural development in Africa and India: They spread knowledge, technology and sustainability. What are the experiences? And what are the innovations? A plea.