On this page, you will learn how new seed, sensible cultivation techniques or financing models can change the lives of starving people around the world.


An Overview of Partners' Projects

Indien: Installation von Sonnenkollektoren.

It is above all a lack of opportunities which is driving many young Indians into the cities. An educational; program creates new opportunities in the countryside.

A project of Welthungerhilfe

West Pokot county, Projekt Pastoralismus: Heuernte, Futter für Kühe.

Climate change makes the nomadic life of the Masai in Kenya more difficult. A new project introduces them to agriculture.

A project of Welthungerhilfe

Für die Kinder und Jugendlichen aus den Flüchtlingslagern sind die Aktivitäten des Sozial-Zirkus-Programms besonders beliebt.

In Afghanistan, thousands of domestic refugees live in poverty. A project brings education and acrobatics into their lives.

A project of Welthungerhilfe

Kongo, Schulungsprojekt der Welthungerhilfe für Agrikultur.

Congo is daring to rebuild. Improving nutrition and incomes will provide hope for the future, particularly for women and adolescents.  

A project of Welthungerhilfe