On this page, you will learn how new seed, sensible cultivation techniques or financing models can change the lives of starving people around the world.


An Overview of Partners' Projects

Auf dem Gelände der Boutique-Bar-Restaurant (Bobar) findet die Lebensmittelmesse "ALIMENTERRE", einer Veranstaltung über die Vielfalt einheimischer Nahrungsprodukte, statt. Zu diesem Anlass werden bei einem Buffet eine Auswahl regionaler Gerichte den Mess

An increasing number of people in Togo's capital city are consuming cheap imported food. The OADEL organization promotes local products.

A project of Brot für die Welt

Tomaten, Süßkartoffeln, Kürbis-, Cassava- oder Süßkartoffelblätter – die Vielfältigkeit der Mahlzeiten in Malawi.

Securing the food supply requires a holistic approach. That's why mango and papaya will be on the menu in Malawi.

A Project of GIZ

County Kakamega,Frauen verkaufen Süsskartoffeln auf dem Markt.

For Kenyan small farmers, the harvest yields little more than they need for themselves. How the orange sweet potato can change the life of an entire region.

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Der Inhaber Saliman Issa Assouma des Unternehmens "Betail et Developpement".

How to: In Benin, farmers are opening factories now that they have learned what an entrepreneur needs to know.

A project of GIZ

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Cambodians eat too much rice. GIZ is joining with farmers to form multi-purpose farms, as well as advising health care centers on nutritional questions.

A project of GIZ

Protagonist Bauer Haile Abadid.

In the Ethiopian highlands, much of the soil is exhausted. New fertilizers and improved seed are making it fertile again.  

A Project of GIZ