On this page, you will learn how new seed, sensible cultivation techniques or financing models can change the lives of starving people around the world.


An Overview of Partners' Projects

(c) GIZ/Jackson Muchoki

Potatoes are staple foods in Kenza. Raising their profit is an important contribution to prevent malnutrition. 

A Projct of GIZ

(c) Cotton made in Africa

For more than ten years, Cotton made in Africa has been setting standards for the protection of the environment and better living conditions in the cotton industry of sub-Saharan Africa. 

A project of Cotton made in Africa

At vocational schools in Ethiopia, farmers learn to use their land sustainably. The curricula are tailored to climate change and droughts.

A project of IAK Agrar Consulting

Brazil is world champion in the use of pesticides. In the southern part of the country, a network of organic farms is supplying municipal schools and kindergartens with healthy food.

A project of Brot für die Welt