Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

A world without hunger is possible. With the "One World, No Hunger" initiative launched in 2014, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) has given a new level of priority to this goal and provided substantial additional funding. Including the special initiative, the BMZ invests some 1.5 billion EUR annually in the areas of food supply and rural development.


The Federal Republic of Germany is committed to making a significant contribution to the realization of the right to food for all people. To this end, the BMZ is using the special initiative to build on existing commitments in our partner countries, is shaping international policy and is working together with various partners such as the churches, civil society organizations, business and science. The BMZ sees itself as a source of opportunity and supports local people's commitment, for example, through scholarships, training and education programs.


 The fight against hunger and malnutrition has many facets. The BMZ is supporting the people of the partner countries through six key areas:


1. Securing the food supply    

2. Avoiding famine and strengthening resilience    

3. Innovations in the agricultural and nutritional sector    

4. Structural change in rural areas    

5. Protection of natural resources and soil rehabilitation   

6. Safe and fair access to resources and land



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