How mobile payment works

Africa shows the world how mobile payment works. The M-Pesa service, the world's first mobile payment system, was launched in Kenya in 2007. To use it, all you need is a mobile phone with telephone and SMS functions. Germans don't want to do without cash at all. In no other Western European country do so few people pay at the checkout with their smartphone as in Germany.

Access to electricity

Nearly 600 million Africans have no access to electricity. And even where there are electricity grids, these are often unstable. This prevents development and often paralyses entire cities. Yet the continent is rich in energy raw materials and also has enormous potential for renewable energy sources.

Without Power

Especially in the rural regions of Africa, people have no access to electricity. Rural areas in particular are usually not connected to the national electricity grids, as supply in such regions is not economically viable. About 71 percent of city dwellers have access to electricity. In rural areas, however, only 22 percent have access to electricity.