„Game Changers – Women in Agriculture“

Women make the difference. The potential of women to drive rural development is enormous. Despite of all the progress that has been made, women’s capabilities remain underutilized.  We want to change that! And we want to learn from seven women who are transforming their villages, their provinces, their countries. Women who are bringing about lasting change. The real “game changers”.


What is this all about?

We are looking for women in agriculture who have changed their environment for the better. With their innovative ideas and outstanding commitment to sustainable agriculture and rural development.
These women are role models with their activities in the partner countries of the ONE WORLD – No Hunger initiative in Africa, Asia or Latin America. “Game Changers – Women in Agriculture” acknowledges their dedication and commitment and honor them with an award. “Game Changers – Women in Agriculture” will show how the promotion of women can improve development cooperation and make it more effective.

The awardees will have their inspiring stories told via a unique multimedia web page. They will be featured in a travelling exhibition and a social media campaign.



*** The nomination period has expired ***

The nomination period for the "Game Changers - Women in Agriculture" Award has officially ended. We thank all partner organizations of the special initiative "ONE WORLD - No Hunger" for their numerous proposals of women who have been contributing to a transformation of rural areas. We are happy about the 48 nominations, each one of them unique and inspiring.  Their stories underpin once again that it is the women’s engagement that can make a difference in rural areas.



How are the game changers selected from the nominations?

An international jury with prominent members has assessed all nominations and will get together on the 4th of August to decide on the seven women to be awarded.

The jury for the Game Changers Award is composed of six influential women who are engaged for years in ecological, economic and socio-political issues in rural development and development cooperation.


The jury members are:

Marjeta Jager, Deputy Director-General responsible of the European Commission Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development (Brussels, Belgium)

Wanjira Mathai, Vice President and Regional Director for Africa at the World Resources Institute (Washington D.C.),

Prof. Dr. Regina Birner, Chair of Social and Institutional Change in Agricultural Development at the Institute for Tropical Agricultural of the University of Hohenheim (Germany)

Halatou Dem, Founder and Managing Director of “Les Céréales de TATAM SARL”, a continuation of the successful family business “DANAYA CEREALES S.A.R.L” (Bamako, Mali)

Nana Adjoa A. Sifa, initiator and leader of the social entreprise “Guzakuza - Growing Agripreneurs” (Accra, Ghana),

Petra Bentkämper, President of the German Rural Women's Association (Berlin, Germany)


What happens after the seven "Game Changers" have been selected?

Between July and September, we will be in touch with the seven award winners  to prepare for telling their stories a wider audience.


How did we get to know about the women?

Nominations were submitted by partners of the ONE World – No Hunger Initiative, including:


  • non-governmental organisations
  • research institutes
  • Private companies
  • the BMZ comissioned implementing partners KfW and GIZ
  • committed private individuals including self-nomination


Which women were we looking for?

A Game Changers nominee should fulfil the following criteria:

  • She is active in the scope of the special initiative ONE World - No Hunger;
  • She plays a key role in shaping rural development and driving changes in agriculture, for example as a successful agri-entrepreneur, as a leader of an organisation, as a researcher within an agriculture-related field or as an innovative thinker;
  • She has successfully realized an idea, developed and a applied a method or technique that contributes to sustainable development – within her village or region, or nationally, regionally or globally;
  • She is a role model for women in her community and beyond;
  • She is keen to share her story and in doing so, motivate others;
  • Through her dedication, she contributes to a rural development that is socially inclusive, economically viable and ecologically sustainable.



Which prize awaits the winners?

The seven winners will each receive a sponsorship for further education and training measures worth EUR 1,500.


Why putting a focus on women?

SDG2 (No Hunger) and SGD5 (Gender Equality) are very closely linked. Particularly in rural areas, women are key to the achievement of sustainable development and play a central role in bringing about economic, ecological and social change.

The empowerment of women is of huge importance for the wellbeing and prosperity not only of individuals but also of families and rural communities and their food security. According to the estimates of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), up to 150 million people worldwide could be saved from hunger, if women in agriculture in developing countries had the same resources and possibilities at their disposal as men. If we support the promotion of women in agriculture, our efforts in rural development could have better chances of achieving sustainable impacts.

10 years before the target year (2030) for sustainable development goals (SDGs) there is some success to report but in many areas, women are still not treated equally to their male peers. They still face difficulties with access to land and resources and participating in decision making processes. They experience little appreciation, and in many places suffer from greater food insecurity than men.

How will better opportunities for women improve development outcomes in rural areas? What progress for SDG2 and rural development is possible through the promotion of gender equality? The “Game Changers” process is providing answers and inspiration in this regard.


Who is behind “Game Changers – Women in Agriculture”?

“Game Changers – Women in Agriculture” was initiated by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) has been commissioned by BMZ with the implementation and coordination of the initiative.


For further information, please contact the Sector Project Sustainable Rural Areas, Rural.Development@giz.de. Contact person: Dorothea Hohengarten.


Please also note:

The monetary value of the prize cannot be claimed as a cash or electronic payment in lieu. The prize cannot be returned or refunded. The right to claim the prize is not transferable.  The jury’s decision is final and there is no further recourse to legal action.