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The Future of the Rural World

The future of humankind will be decided in rural areas. How can we create enough jobs and income in rural areas? How can a modern and sustainable agri-food sector contribute to solving these challanges? In this second issue of “world without hunger” our authors discuss new economic and political impetus, young African entrepreneurs tell their stories and we are searching for answers to the question how globalization can be shaped so the rural areas do not lose out.

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A new culture of cooperation with Africa

By Horst Köhler

Africa’s biggest challenge – and its greatest opportunity – is its young people. The most important question is: to what weapon will Africa’s young people turn – the polling booth or the gun?

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A fresh opportunity

Interview with Lutz Hartmann

By leasing a three hundred hectare fruit plantation in Ethiopia, Lutz Hartmann has realised a long-cherished dream: to run his own business in Africa. Now he has a personal interest in the issue of Africa’s development.

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The young need a future

By Iris Schöninger

In 2030 one in every three people looking for work will come from Africa. Today decent work is still a rarity on the continent, but developing the rural areas can solve the problem.

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Perspectives for Africa's Youth

By Mo Ibrahim

Africa is at a tipping point. Whether it continues rising or falls back depends, above all else, on whether the continent creates the conditions in which its greatest resource — its young people — can shine.

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A new attempt at Africa's industrialization?

By Helmut Asche

Afrika is about ready. There are promising approaches for a sustainable industrialization. However, the path poses challenges to the continent.

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New Jobs for the poorest

By Gisbert Dreyer

From the subsistence economy to a sustainable and competitive agricultural system – the path to 100 million jobs for Africa’s poorest people.

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The Big Bang is possible

Interview with Joachim von Braun

Happy youngsters in rural areas, green development and the connection to the digital age – professor Joachim von Braun believes in this future sceneraio for Africa. For three decades the agricultural scienties has been researching how politics can create prosperty on the continent. 

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The future is rural

By "World Without Hunger"

The future is rural. Young African entrepreneurs gave their generation a vocie during the G-20 conference in Berlin. "World Without Hunger" asked six of them, how more jobs can be created in rural areas.

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