We are looking for innovations

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A new fund currently seeks innovations for a world without hunger. This fund supports innovative projects across a broad range of topics worldwide.
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As part of the special initiative ‘One World - No Hunger’, Germany identifies and promotes innovations in the agricultural and food sector with a new funding concept. COVID-19 emergency aid complements it and contributes to strengthening global food security.

The aim is to further develop innovations through partnerships within six thematic focus areas (digitalisation, renewable energy, research and advisory services, mechanisation, cooperation with the private sector, and agricultural policy) and to implement them in selected countries. Smallholder farms, their associations, as well as processing and production companies in the agri-food sector shall thereby be able to use and disseminate the innovations. Women and youth are an essential target group. Not only do they play a key role as users of innovations, but also in developing them.


Success Stories and Project Examples

We are looking for innovations

Hand in your project idea.
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To be eligible for funding, the submitted innovations must fulfil certain criteria. The most important ones are listed in the conditions of participation. In cooperation with the applicant, the innovation-project will be checked for eligibility in a selection procedure. More information on the application process can be found in the programme flyer.



  • Digitalization
  • Renewable energy
  • Research and advisory
  • Mechanization
  • Private sector cooperation
  • Agricultural policy


  • Food security
  • Employment and income generation
  • Climate resilience and protection of natural resources


What Do We Require of the Submitted Innovations?

  • Strong innovative focus
  • Relevance to at least one of the six topic areas
  • Impact in at least two of the targeted sustainability goals
  • Implementation in at least two countries on the BMZ country list
  • Non-profit approach

Who Profits from the Innovations?

  • Small-scale farmers
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Food processing companies
  • Women
  • Youth
  • Consumers
  • Advisors and trainers

How Do We Define Innovation?

Innovations Eligible for Funding Can Be Either...

  • Digital, technical, organizational, administrative and/or financial
  • Products, processes, services and/or business models
  • Brand new or tried and tested in a new context

Who Can Submit Innovation Proposals?

  • Research institutes & think tanks
  • Non-governmental organisations and civil society
  • Government organisations
  • Private sector*

*Please note that co-funding might be required for project partnerships with the private sector.


Any further questions about the process or the scope of funding?
Please download the programme flyer here or read the FAQ.


Is There a Closing Date for Applications?

No, there is no time limit. Project proposals are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Which Countries Are Eligible for Funding?

Only transnational projects can be funded. Projects must therefore be implemented in at least two countries from the categories Bilateral Partners, Reform Partners, Global Partners or Nexus and Peace Partners of the BMZ 2030 Country List. The country of residence or nationality of the applicant itself, on the other hand, is no subject to any location-related restriction.

In Which Sector Can Projects Be Funded?

All projects must have a clear link to the agricultural and food sector and a connection to one of the six thematic focal areas.

How Should the First Project Proposal Be Structured?

There are no formal requirements for submitting a first project proposal. Please focus on the innovation in your presentation and keep it short, precise and structured.

Is There a Corresponding Application Form?

For the submission of first project proposals, there is no application form. If your innovation idea attracts interest, you will receive further documents that are required in the application process.

Which Funding Volume Can Be Applied For?

Our funding is assessed individually depending on the submitted innovation proposal.

I am Looking for Business Funding, a Loan or Would Like to Purchase Material Goods.

We cannot provide dept financing, equity funding or grants*, finance the core business of a company or exclusively procure material goods in a project.

*exceptions are possible for companies in our partner countries with non-profit objective of the project or via private match-funding.

Can Start-ups Be Funded?

Start-ups can be funded by participating in i4Ag* (co-)funded competitions, which are explicitly aimed at entrepreneurs and can have different focuses. i4Ag competitions for start-ups are announced on this page.

In addition, start-ups can submit proposals as part of a consortium and thus as part of a larger project.

* Fund for the Promotion of Innovation in the Agriculture (i4Ag)

Project Countries

The map shows the partner countries of the agri-food innovation funding concept in which innovations were funded until the end of 2021. The map is updated on a regular basis.

World map

This cartographic representation is for informational purposes only and does not imply any recognition of borders or territories under international law. GIZ assumes no responsibility for the topicality, correctness or completeness of the map material provided. Any liability for damages arising directly or indirectly from the use is excluded.